I photograph people, places or things that move me.   Photography has been a creative and spiritual pursuit for me since I was 20 years old.   

In the course of my travels around the world, I have photographed the people as well as the environments which are so different from our own.  I have photographed the people of rural Mexico, of Cuba and Asia for many years, and I love memories that those photos trigger in me.


10 years ago, I took on a project photographing the First Nations churches of BC.  Over a five year period, I travelled extensively, seeking and recording these buildings which are among the oldest in the province and the last remaining evidence of the colonialist period.  I published a book "Spirit Dwellings" and since publication, five of the churches have been burned to the ground.


Looking forward, I plan to move toward landscape photography within Canada.  This summer I will be driving from Vancouver to Dawson City, and points in between. Much of that territory was visited during my church project, but I will be looking with different eyes this time.